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We were so disappointed that we had to cancel our June 2020 MASEA Conference! Every year we look forward to reconnecting with colleagues as well as connecting with new conference attendees. We know how important providing professional development is to our members as well offering a time to share and ask questions

pertaining to our profession.

In light of this, MASEA is putting together a series of FREE webinars for our members 

 The following presentation has been moved to

                                      August 12, 2020 @ 2:00 pm EST

Please join Brianne Karazsia, Indiana State University, on July 29 from 2:00 - 3:30

as she presents on:

How to Plan a Job Fair

During the presentation, she will cover topics about the benefits of a job fair, using your campus resources, marketing your event and more. 

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Check back soon for  upcoming webinar presentations and dates!

If you are interested in presenting a live or recorded webinar we would love to here from you! Some topics of interest include: DiversityWork-Study, Motivating Student Employees, technical skills like Excel or Qualtrics, Managing Multiple Generations in the Workplace, Communication Strategies, and more! We hope you share your expertise. Please submit a proposal HERE

Upcoming Webinars

August 19, 2020 @ 2:00 EST

Human being and human doing: Why addressing campus climate must begin with us

Description: It goes without saying that our current times are unprecedented; however, the calls for racial justice, for inclusive campuses, for social justice...those aren't. In fact, they're ever growing concerns for many of our students. This session will engage participants in an exploration of how we can explore our own biases, thoughts, and feelings related to campus climate in order to be effective at doing the work to make campus an inclusive place for everyone. This session will especially focus on moving away from waiting for institutional action to addressing our own behavior in critical and intentional ways.

Dr. Denise Williams-Klotz is the assistant director of Multicultural Student Affairs at Iowa State University. For over fifteen years, she's worked with college students and colleagues in a variety of ways, including offering training on diversity, inclusion, and social justice. Denise co-founded Cardinal Women*, a program to empower women faculty and staff, and she in her spare time, she writes romance novels.

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September 17, 2020 @ 10:00 AM EST

A New Way of Thinking: Neurodiversity and Student Employment

Presented by Sarah Neeley, Student Employment Coordinator at Indiana State University

Diversity has been a hot topic on college campuses and in the workforce recently, we have taken many steps to include anyone who doesn't look just like us, but what about those who don't think like us? Neurodiversity as an idea has existed for ages, but the term is fairly new. In short, neurodiversity is the variation in the human brain regarding sociability, learning, attention, mood, and other mental functions in a non-pathological sense. Through this presentation, we will look at neurodiversity, as an asset, how to make the interview and on-boarding process for accessible, and also brainstorm ways to help prepare our neurodiverse students for roles as student employees and beyond.

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Webinar Recordings from Validity Screening Solutions including videos on the following topics:

  • How to Write an Employee Handbook with some tips for NLRB Compliance
  • Turning Difficult Conversations into Positive Behavior Change Tools
  • Legally Managing Employee Absenteeism
  • Job Descriptions: How to Make them Useful
  • Preparing, Writing, and Communicating Employee Evaluations

The following websites/organizations frequently offer free webinars on a variety of topics relevant for the field of student employment:

More webinar and training resources coming soon!


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